SEO and marketing in 2016 – is search engine optimisation your right strategy?

For some of us, it is difficult to imagine running a business without some kind of SEO attached to our digital operations. But with every single SEO company on the planet promising seemingly unrealistic results, it’s hard to know who to really trust when it comes to the mystics of SEO. As with all technologies, we must ensure we update our efforts as advancements occur. We’ve put together a series of tips that can show you results to prove that SEO is an essential art form in this digital age.

Many companies will implement strategies put in place to optimise and regulate mobile traffic and, with increasing amounts of people visiting web pages from smartphones, it is hard to discard this as an unwise move. According to more than 69% of of reportedly mobile-ready websites were deemed “unresponsive” in a survey, so it’s important to keep mobile in mind.

The best way to build backlinks to your website is to create relationships – the old fashioned way. Most influential bloggers are open to speaking business and a good way to get them on side is to simply open a conversation. If you have a product or service that is covered by writers around the country, be sure to do what you can to facilitate them. That way, when it comes to asking for a backlink, they’ll be only too happy to oblige. Perhaps, in the future, they might be willing to let you write a guest blog, which you, yourself, can fill with links.

Remember: bigger is better. While any backlinks help, it is better to aim for a big score on a hugely prestigious website than a bunch of smaller ones. If you’re ever in doubt about the size of a website (beware: bloggers have been known to exaggerate) you can check the website’s Alexa rank by searching it online.

Keep an eye out for more nice keywords that you think might send people to you. Take yourself outside the box and get inside the head of your perspective clients. What would you search to find your products? How would you want to be able to be found on Google? Search engine optimisation, technically, refers to all search engines but, to most, it applies almost entirely to Google.

A key aspect of SEO to bear in mind is your URL: does it make any sense? Many websites, like Facebook, create huge, sprawling (SEO dead) URLs for private data in membership area, but that doesn’t mean you should let that happen on your website. Anything that has numbers, unintelligible letters or words has to go. Refine your urls so they’re clean and tidy and, most importantly include key words. I.e. is much better than

By implementing these key – and mostly free – solutions to your website, we feel confident that the results will be worth every moment. While SEO can be a confusing and shadowy area of the business world, some set-in-stone hard and fast rules will be guaranteed to show results within weeks.

Finding the Right SEO Firm – How to Know Who Will Do the Best Job

A SEO firm is an organization that specializes in making a website effective. Basically, some of the techniques that most SEO firms use to make websites effective include; making the use of ins as well as outs of search engine optimization when making a website or giving recommendations to their clients on how they can hassle free improve their website.

A SEO expert can either choose to be an independent contractor or work for a SEO company. It’s usually recommended that incase you prefer seeking for the services of a SEO firm over an independent SEO expert; you know the various tips that can help you out in locating the right SEO company. This write up will give you the most effective tips that can help you out in locating the right SEO Company in your area.

Finding the Right SEO Firm – How to Know Who Will Do the Best Job

Tip#1: Looking at their Portfolio:-

It’s important that you identify if the SEO firms you intend to hire normally list the different clients or companies they work for. There are some reasons that can make some SEO firms to keep their clients private. However, most straight forward or reliable SEO firms will always ensure that they put the names as well as the links of their clients’ on their sites. This SEO Cornwall firm do just that in the UK, I expect they get a lot of enquiries though the website layout has other issues too.

Basically, if you’re unable to find any evidence of the SEO firms you intend hire i.e. if the firms do not list the names of their clients in their sites; be aware that there might be a reason why they are not listing their clients. Therefore, try to avoid firms that do not provide evidence regarding to the services they often offer.


Tip#2: Looking at Consumer Reviews:-

Visit the different sites of SEO companies you intend to hire and see if you’ll find any consumer reviews. Use these reviews to contact some of the consumers and ask those you find several questions such as how much they were charged, if the SEO firm they hired was effective and efficient as well as if they experienced any problems while they were being attended. The best site for reviews is Trustpilot –

Tip#3: Reference From Friends and Colleagues:-

Reference from colleagues, relatives and friends who may have recently used a SEO firm in your area can really assist you in your attempt to find the right SEO firm. Ask these people how they benefited by using the SEO firms in your area. Also, enquire if there were any challenges they encountered from the SEO firms.

Tip#4: Checking the Firm’s Length of Experience:-

Checking the length as well as nature of experience of the different SEO firms in your area can really boost your attempt of locating the right SEO Company. Generally, while skills and expertise are often necessary requisites in selecting the right SEO firm, experience is always a trusted aspect.

Be aware that SEO firms that have got extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization are normally more reliable than new ones.

Last, but not least, it’s a reality that experienced SEO firms have got more practical knowledge which they gained in the execution of their work. Therefore, in your attempt to find the right SEO firm, you should prefer a SEO firm that has been in existence for many years than the one that is new .

On-Page SEO Techniques To Target Good Keywords

You need a website to advertise your business to the world. There are many people who browse the internet daily. This means that you have to make your website popular. Your website must have a content that fulfills the needs of your customers in order to stand out from the rest. Your content should have keywords that are search engine optimized so that it customers can find them in the popular search engines. It is true to say that keywords are the most important element in your SEO strategy. This is the reason you have to use some of the SEO technique to target good keywords. The following are some of those techniques, but be sure to use a good keyword tool like this one to research first:

  1. Avoid Single-word terms

There are many websites in the internet sharing the same keyword. This is the reason you have to ensure that your keyword is not a single-word term. You should instead add one word or two in order to make it look unique from the rest. Single-word terms are normally broad when it comes to meaning.However,when you add a few words to that keyword, you will be in a position to make the researcher narrow down to what exactly he or she wants. In addition, single-word terms do not rank well since there are many competing websites.

  1. Pick popular keywords.

You should ensure that the keywords that you have used in your work are popular to your customers. When you use unpopular keywords, customers are less likely to come across your content in the internet. You won’t get the necessary traffic you need in your website. However, when you choose popular keywords, customers will find your content the moment they enter that keyword in the search engines. This will make you to have a huge traffic in your website.

  1. Avoid terms that are too broad

You should avoid using broad terms if at all you want to rank high in the search engines. Customers are likely to enter one word or two in the search engines and wait for the results. If your key word is one sentence long, customers are less likely to find your content on Google or Yahoo.

  1. Avoid terms that are too specific

Many people expect the internet to provide a lot of information depending on the topic one is researching. Your keyword should therefore not be too specific. This is because your site is less likely to be visited by the researcher if the keyword is not in line with the topic he or she is researching. However, when you are a bit general, the researcher is likely to click to your website and view the content that you have. He or she is likely to borrow a leaf from your content in a bid to finish his or her research.

  1. Avoid highly competitive terms

There are very many websites in the internet. The keyword that you may have chosen may be fulfilling all the other qualities but if there are too many other sites are competing for the same keyword, you might not rank very well. You may even rank lower than you would like. To avoid all these frustrations, choose a keyword that is moderately competitive.

Every person wants his or her website to rank on the first page of either Google or Yahoo. If you are a businessperson, and you want to rank high, you have to use the above mentioned SEO techniques to target good keywords. Make use of those techniques and you won’t regret.